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Mission: To grow awareness of how easy it is to live a vegan lifestyle, gain more accessibility to vegan businesses, unite vegans in one central place, and provide a reference guide on companies we should be supporting.

I'm Jia

We all have a story of why we are vegan.. some of us for health reasons, others for animal rights or to decrease our environmental footprint. I found there was not one single online community to come to and find like-minded vegans, shop for vegan-only items, or find local places to eat that are vegan-friendly. I wanted a one-stop site for vegans to connect, give reviews, sell their products, and meet influencers or bloggers. We can only grow if we know who is out there. So sign up to be added to the community and keep it growing!

What other people are saying about us
Amazing Vegan info and tips. Found so many great places to visit that were vegan friendly
Jaime Lane
Orange County
I have met so many great people in this community.
Kristen Benny
Los Angeles
So happy I found this site. So many great Vegan places to visit and the community is very friendly and supportive
Chris Joe

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